With tracks that can fit any gig hour and effortlessly fun selections for a vibrant set when behind the booth, Jan Golly has emerged as one of the finest producers and charismatic DJs of the Frankfurt/Mannheim electronic music site.

It was all about timing, so after shifting from hip-hop to DnB, and other various intersects, he started projecting the way towards a techno minimalistic-infused sound.

His Kaleidoscope label perfectly describes the variety of subtle tech-house topped with uplifting and skippy grooves that give a unique genre-fluid touch.

Watch out for this man.

Vinyl Only Releases:

Durrrred & Jan Golly – Koi Fish (incl. Cristi Cons Remix) ¦ Valioso Recordings

Jan Golly – Rook (incl Levi Verspeek Remix) ¦ KUSI Records

Jan Golly – Really (incl. Fabe Remix) ¦ Kaleidoskop

Jan Golly soon on Resketch Records

Digital Releases:

Martin Occo – Nova (Jan Golly Remix) ¦ ITech Soundsystem

Sense Of Sun & Jan Golly – Ghost Pattern ¦ Palms And Flamingos

Jan Golly – Haja  ¦ Valioso Recordings

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