As each artist has its own roots into a past experience, the presence of music into his family and the life in Mannheim has influenced Tim Etzel to pursue his path into becoming an electronic music DJ and producer. Starting with piano and keyboards lessons in his early age, and an affair with Broken Beats, until joining the BE9 family, Tim is pushing boundaries both production and performance, blending minimal-house with minimal-techno.

The equilibrium is built up through his residency at Party Series “Minimalistica“ (Disco Zwei) and “Confused” (Parker Lewis), while also releasing on international well-known Labels such as „Pleasure Zone“ or „Perspective“. A full pack artist that transcends between the DJing and music production, between events promoting and crowd conquering. On the rise, and fueled with energy, an open-minded natural talent, Tim Etzel is ready to prove himself as a fully-dedicated artist that will definitely leave his mark in the scene

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