MIRA FESTIVAL – THANK YOU 1018 678 silvia

8th edition of the audio visual festival cements MIRA’s place at the epicentre of Barcelona’s left leaning music and arts world

Packed with a super bill of live music, DJ sets, screenings, A/V Live 360º, exhibitions, workshops, masterclasses and more, MIRA Festival 2018 cemented it’s status as a festival and platform with no fear of pushing the boundaries of communication. Through two days and nights of audiovisual and concept shows, from traditional and non-traditional formats took Barcelona’s curious culture hunters on a wild ride through digital art installations, 3D and 4D sound shows, presentations and educational workshops. Mira’s exhibition “THE SEARCH FOR (modern) PLEASURE” was a stand out too, with artist like Brooke Candy exhibiting work as part of MIRA’s first solo show.

From 8th to 10th November, MIRA Festival returned to it’s native city with an eclectic and thought provoking schedule filling Fabra i Coats and adored club, Razzmatazz with audiovisual explorations that did not disappoint. From a cherrypicked selection of live music from leftfield heroes – the likes of Tangerine Dream, Gaika, Guidetti and Eartheater mesmerised attendees. Expertly curated DJ sets came from Objekt, Call Super, Josey Rebelle, Avalon Emerson and more. Special shouts to Nicolas Jaar and Stéphanie Janaina, who joined MIRA to present the avant-garde premiere of ¡miércoles!, an incredible, live performance SON Estrella Galicia by 3D Sound Room we will be able to enjoy a live improvisation performance with 50 surround speakers.

Swiss DJ and producer, Aïsha Devi gave an enigmatic performance – industrial otherworldly sounds blazing across a backdrop of distorted ruins set the tone for an intriguing weekender. An incredible performance from Yves Tumor’s took R&B influences into a nether realm with warped beats and visuals. London’s inimitable GAIKA made his mark on the city, stunning Barcelona with his Spanish Debut. From behind the booth, Christian Len’s DJ set spanned across disco, deep house and lo-fi techno gems, with DJ Stingray, Call Super also performing standout sets.

Celebrating MIRA’s first solo exhibition “THE SEARCH FOR (modern) PLEASURE” featuring works from Brooke Candy, Filip Custic, Claire Tolan and more. The festival has wound down but “THE SEARCH FOR (modern) PLEASURE” continues. Running until 16h December, do not miss this. Center of Contemporary Art of Barcelona – Fabra i Coats.

From Barcelona, to Berlin to beyond MIRA Festival is a platform that champions emerging artists, celebrate the established, always looking to the future and beyond the ordinary. The MIRA family would like to thank all of the staff, crew, partners, artists and attendees who made MIRA Festival 2019 so special, including Adidas Originals who backed the Dome space.